About Us & Introduction

Shigeru Takeshita

Hi, I’m Shigeru and I’ve been trading for the past decade and want to share the ideas, strategies, and patterns I’ve learned.

Trading successfully is a long study and undertaking. I’ve made many mistakes and managed significant wins. I hope you find my illustrations on this website useful and helpful.

In the logo, there’s a Japanese phrase “継続は力なり”. It means ‘continuation is power’. It symbolises my belief that learning is never-ending and you should always do your best to carry on and continue your progress until you have achieved mastery and consistency.

Why Share this knowledge?

Great question.

In the past, I’ve created notes to ensure I fully understood the lessons I’ve gained from other websites, books, traders and YouTube videos.

"If you want to master something, teach it." by Richard Feynman - an American theoretical physicist.

Richard Feynman, an influential American theoretical physicist known for his work in quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, and particle physics, once said, “If you want to master something, teach it.”

I’m not a master yet, and I still have a long way to go to master this craft. I hope to contribute and add more to this page to help others understand trading and price action better.

This website ultimately helps me—I think clearly of each step, document the steps, and ensure I work through a checklist and clear process every time before taking a trade.

Why not sell a course?

The truth is I don’t wish to make money on a course – there are many out there already which can cover the basics far better than I can. You can also discover many helpful videos and books that cover the topic. If you wish to support us, you can purchase one of our merchandise at our store and be part of the Zetafxx community, but it is not a requirement.

I always aim to keep my content free, accessible, and helpful to everyone.

Word of Warning

Trading and investing carry the risk of loss. Understanding your plan, entry, and stop loss is key to minimising your losses and maximising your wins. Before you start trading live, always practice your skills on a simulator.

At the same time, I hope my website gives you some insight into my strategies. None of them are perfect on their own; however, when used together (also known as confluence), you significantly increase your odds of having a much better trade.

I hope you always consider more than one reason (ideally three or more) before you place your next trade. If you have questions, please get in touch with me. If you have found this website helpful, please share it with your friends. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy your stay here.

Colours of Zetafxx

The blue and greens used in the logo are based on my favourite colours in Metatrader 4. Signifying the colours of profit and the colours we want to see the most. 😉

I wish you all the very best in your trading journey!

Shigeru Takeshita

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